Thursday, 30 May 2013

EasyVR and Arduino

If you like the idea of issuing voice commands to control some tasks, read on.

The EasyVR Shield is a voice recognition shield for Arduino boards integrating an EasyVR module. EasyVR is a multi-purpose speech recognition module designed to add speech and voice recognition capabilities to virtually any application.

If what you have is the Shield version of EasyVR, there is no need for you to connect the EasyVR module to your Arduino board using jumpers or wires (as shown in the video below). Just connect the shield on top of your Arduino board.

The video below is the official example from the manufacturer. The Arduino sketch can be downloaded here. Do check out an useful step-by-step guide too.


  1. Can the EasyVR be used in the manufacturing of a product? Or is it only for prototyping and projects?

  2. It was designed as a shield for the Adruino board. Therefore, the main function is for prototyping.